Pipi Journeys akaroa New Zealand

Pipi Journeys, Akaroa, offers harbour cruise, fishing, self-catering and cultural experience of indigenous Māori community.  The tour is exclusively designed for tourist to experience the traditional Māori lifestyle and indigenous philosophies such as Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga. Come and learn about Māori culture and experience our lifestyle first-hand.

Pipi Journeys Akaroa offers a learning opportunity about Māori hospitality and kindness (Manaakitanga). Learn and experience Māori generosity, respect, and hospitality which is one of our core values as New Zealanders. Experience how welcoming we are as the first nation of New Zealand.

Our (Māori) Philosophy

We are Tangata Whenua, people of the land. We have a strong sense of respect and guardianship for our natural and cultural environment (Kaitiakitanga). We believe that the survival of humanity is precondition with the sustainability of our natural environment. Pipi Journeys offer you the opportunity to learn and experience our Mana (spiritual power) which ensures the abundance of resources for our survival. Understand and experience Tapu (spiritual restriction for sustainable use of resources) the Māori way of sustainability concerning our environment. And discover about Mauri (life force) which, in return, ensures Mana to sustain. Find out about the indigenous but modern way of responsibility towards the sustainability of the natural world. Come to learn about our story, our ancestors and experience our collective and individual identities and ways of living. Leave with an ambition to connect with the natural environment wisely and mitigate your impacts. The ethical value of Māori is the foundation for our culture, life, and lifestyle and is something we value, protect and reach. What we believe runs deep in all aspects of our life.
Pipi Journeys Akaroa
harbour cruise – fishing – self-catering – Māori cultural experience

Pipijourneys Akaroa, Banks Peninsula New Zealand

Authentic New Zealand Experience and Māori Connection

Pipijourneys offer TWO sets of exclusive tours which are unique and personalised in nature. The tours are set in a way that you get the inside about Māori culture while experiencing the natural beauty of New Zealand. According to our customers, this is MUST DO tour in New Zealand to add to your New Zealand tourism experience.


Our private tours are custom designed to ensure you get the most of your short trip to New Zealand. We are here to plan your New Zealand tourism experience on the Banks Peninsula.

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Our standard tour is designed especially for the guests who have limited time to explore New Zealand but want to experience the insight of Māori culture and the Akaroa Harbour.

Pipi Journeys Features

a unique life experience

pipi journeys tour highlights

Pipi Journey Akaroa harbour tour
Akaroa harbour cruise

Enjoy Akaroa Harbour which is one of two major inlets in the Banks Peninsula New Zealand.

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traditional fishing

Mingle with local Māori and learn about their way of living and experience their lifestyle.

explore New Zealand wildlife

During your tour you will get to experience amazing wildlife including little blue penguins, seals, dolphins and many more.

Māori cultural experience

The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. Māori are the first nation of New Zealand and arrived between 1320 and 1350.


You will get a chance to harvest the food you catch during your tour. Our chef will facilitate you with processing and cooking your catch.

learn about geology

Banks peninsula was formed due to a volcanic eruption between 11 and 6 million years ago. The activity resulted in the formation of two overlapping volcanic cones. The present harbours at Akaroa and Lyttelton were formed when the valleys were flooded as the sea level rose to its current height about 6,000 years ago.

Pipi Journeys

Authentic New Zealand Māori Experience


Tour begins at the main wharf Akaroa. Please arrive at the wharf 20 minutes before departure time.

Bring a warm jacket and a hat. The harbour wind is usually cold.

You won’t be needing any fishing gear as we provide all the required equipment.

adventure awaits